Saturday, March 27, 2010

a Sad Sad Day.

My favourite little store, which always helps me out with huge discounts on some pretty amazing brands, nearly bought me to tears. There i was, scanning the racks for something amazing when it landed in my hands, a beautiful navy and white stripped silk, backless Maurie and Eve dress, for only $120 ( originally $280 ), only one left! I raced into that change room so quickly, but i was left with disappointment. The dress fit perfectly, held everything in so beautifully, until my lack of chest let me down. The straps kept falling and it just wouldn't work. Give a chest less girl some sympathy would you.

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  1. ahh oh no! man that sucks :'(
    and the dress looks so gorgeous too - i love backless
    lucy x

  2. I've been hunting for the perfect striped dress! It seems you nearly found it. :(

    Love Grace.


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