Monday, July 12, 2010

Hair to Stay?

The Ballayge looks has perhaps been and gone, but i really hope it stays. I will not get over how perfect Isabel Lucas' hair is in this picture.

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  1. cool hair!

    lovely blog

    pls visit and join:)


  2. been trying to get my hair this long for ages , don't think it will happen :-( its gorgeous ! thanks for sharing , found you on bloglovin.

    greetings from ireland


    the wardrobewars girls

    hope you stop by some time.

  3. I like that her hair seems natural, and the fade isn't too much! I tried the ombre thing but it just didn't work on me (this was a while back though)

  4. It seems like a lot of other celebs have recently had this style done which means it will probably hang around a little longer. Such an amazing hair style, makes me want to rush out and do it right away!

    x The Velvet Bow


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