Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter Blues.

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Don't get me wrong, I love Winter. The long coats, trenches, new pant styles and scarves have me layering like its 0 degrees. But honestly, bring back Summer. After getting a spray tan and booking a trip to Byron Bay for my 21st, i really can't wait for the long hot nights, holidays and well, denim shorts we all love. 6 months to go.


  1. I reaaaalllly realllly can't wait for summer now, or at least spring time where it's still a little cool but it's nice enough to not need to wear a coat or stockings.

    Where in Aus are you based? I know in Melbourne they have a pretty good selection of KW, there's a shop in Melbourne Central (perhaps 3rd floor?) which has a good selection along with Lover, Sretsis, Stolen Girlfriends etc... Had to be my fave shop

    Thanks for the comment on my blog x

  2. hahahaa i love the style you write!! ;;D Its rare to find any style blogs you can actually READ! <3 wohoo

  3. lol. this photo is hilarious. and i hear you. it's about to be feb in nyc, pretty much the worst month ever. ughhhh.
    xx, M


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