Friday, December 11, 2009

You've Changed.. For the Better.

If my blog was my boyfriend, he would have broken up with me a LONG time ago because of the neglect i have put him through lately. Luckily, this blog ain't my boyfriend and will take me back gladly.
Due to a dramatic yet amazing day at Stereosonic, i was unable to find Mike the Cobrasnake, but was able to indeed, lose my camera, hence the no festival photos.

So webcam photos you will get until payday when i can afford a new cam.

I am also leaving you with Sia's ( amazing electro rock indie talented filled lady from Adelaide which is hard to put into a genre ) new song. You've Changed.

Love Kisses and Shit x

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Awesome picture quality..this is my new Kate Moss necklace which reads, i wish i was Kate Moss on the back.

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Summer has disappeared in Melbourne as quick as it came. Here are my new Cheap Monday ' Clairvoyant ' Sunglasses and hat from Bondi. Bring on 35 degrees next week.

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Ripped, Studded and a little Cheeky. Thanks Sportsgirl.

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