Sunday, December 27, 2009

To accesorise, she used a plastic bag.

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SO simple, yet so stunning. The boots, the blazer, the bag, the simple white tee and denim shorts- perfection!


  1. oh yes. Love those shorts, cutoffs with the pockets hangging out are the best!
    question: if youve got time, would you please be able to tell me about how big (like maybe rough measurments?) the sportsgirl studded clutch is from my post? My local Sportsgirl had none and I'm not sure if i wanna order it online or not..

  2. i have denim shorts like that (levis i think)
    love this outfit, really simple but impressive.

  3. indeed! eniko's one of my fave models atm, and she has perfect style!

    xx raez

  4. I love how certain people can make the most seemingly simple outfits amazing.

    Love Grace.


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